Our Businesses

    Developers of Interactive Courseware

  • D2 TEAM-Sim
  • D2 TEAM-Sim is a leading developer of enterprise-wide, media-rich, interactive courseware for the US Government, Department of Defense, and corporate clients. TEAM-Sim combines standards-based technology with innovative content development that includes gaming, 3D simulation, and video elements to create immersive and engaging blended learning courseware.

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  • Cybersecurity Training

  • D2 Cybersecurity
  • D2 Cybersecurity Training is the essential first step in reinforcing your IT cyber policies/guidelines and increasing vigilance towards future cyber threats.

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  • The Digital Agency

  • D2 Creative
  • D2 Creative helps brands and organizations increase reach, influence and effectiveness through creative digital solutions. The agency combines its three core strengths of strategy, creativity and technology to provide solutions as diverse as the needs of its clients. Working across media, the D2 Creative team develops brands, designs websites, produces video and other content, creates e-learning modules, builds enterprise applications, and implements digital marketing strategies. The agency’s solutions are constantly evolving to help its clients meet the challenges of a world where technology is changing expectations and capabilities every day.

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